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Exhaust Bellows
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GTAW process welding for 100% radiagraphy quality joints

  • Standard Bellows manufactured from AISI-304/316/316L/321 grade stainless steels.
  • Special purpose automatic forming & welding machines to produce metallic bellows of consistent high quality.
  • In process testing & inspection leading to the most reliable expansion joints.
  • Forming one convolution at a time minimises possibility of material thinnning.
  • TIG/GTAW welds offering excellent radiography quality joints with very good finish.

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Autoamted seam welding machine for 100% radiography quality seam joints

8" N.B. Double Universal Expansion Joints

200 N.B. Lateral Expansion joint undergoing 200mm lateral movement

  • Diameters ranging from 1" N.B. to 200" N.B
  • Pressures ranging from vaccum to 100 bar depending up on size.
  • Temperatures ranging from cryogenic to 1200 degC
  • Movements up to 20" depending up on size.
  • Material handling from abrasive solids to expensive gases & liquids.



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