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PEBIFLEX Multiply Bellows are manufactured from a multi-wall laminated tube consisting of many plies of thin gauge stainless steel.Convolutions are then formed on this multi-wall tube by means of internal pressure.

PEBIFLEX  Multiply Bellows can withstand very high pressures due to the combined strength of the several plies(layers) still retaining the flexibility and movement capacity of the each individual ply.

Considerations in designing PEBIFLEX Multiply Bellows

  • Safety - PEBIFLEX Multiply Bellows are designed for utmost safety in case of system failures and the occurrence of excessive operating conditions above the design limit. the burst pressures range between 10 to 20 times the operating pressure making the PEBIFLEX Multiply bellows the most reliable component in the piping system.
  • Cyclic Life - the parameters of the convolutions (pitch, depth,number of plies,ply thickness) of PEBIFLEX Multiply Bellows are optimized to offer the highest fatigue life.
  • Stress Analysis -The convolutions of PEBIFLEX Multiply Bellows are designed to withstand the stresses and the stresses are maintained within acceptable limits for the desired pressure temperature and movements.
  • Compact Dimensions - The overall length of the bellows element is minimized to absorb a given combination of axial,lateral and angular movements. This results in a compact assembly which can be installed in minimum space.Also due to the lowest possible effective area of the bellows the joints offer lowest possible thrust pressure on the anchors and the supporting equipments.
  • Maximum movements - PEBIFLEX   Multiply Bellows provide the highest possible movements ( Axial,Lateral and angular)  with lowest possible spring rates and shortest overall length.
  • Flexibility - PEBIFLEX Multiply Bellows offer the lowest possible spring rate for a given working pressure which means it can absorb movements very easily with least possible stresses induced in it.This adds to the life of the joint.
  • Most Modern CAD facilities
  • Design,Manufacture & Testing as per internationally recognized EJMA standards.
  • Custom built designs to meet specific needs also offered.
  • Multi-wall bellows offering highest elasticity & life combined with maximum pressure resistance & compact assemblies.
  • Computerized design data & evaluation for parameters like cyclic life, spring rate, natural frequency, effective area.

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400 N.B. universal joint with control rods and shipping brackets


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Exhaust Bellows