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Applications and Installations

Rectangular Expansion Joints for Ducting

Rectangular Expansion Joints

  • Expansion Joints for Pipeline construction: for steam, gas oil and water lines.
  • Expansion Joints for Diesel engine construction: for exhaust lines of large engines to absorb mechanical vibrations and thermal expansions
  • Expansion Joints for Heat exchanger construction : to absorb the differential expansion between shell and tubes.
  • Expansion Joints for Steam turbine inlet and outlet lines.
  • Expansion Joints for Compressor / hot air blower inlet / out lines.
  • Expansion Joints for Boiler feed pump/turbine exhaust systems.
  • Condenser expansion joints.
  • Expansion Joints to compensate for foundation settlements of large equipments.

Expansion Joints in various sizes for Nuclear Power Plant

Expansion joints with external cover for Nuclear Power Plant

84" NB PEBIFLEX Double Universal Expansion Joints of a Steel Plant

2100 N.B.expansion joint with external covers and tie rods for hot blast main lines of steel plant

  • Expansion Joints as dismantling aid for valves having tongue and groove end connections
  • expansion Joints for high pressure hydraulic lube-oil lines
  • Expansion Joints for flue gas ducting from furnaces
  • Expansion Joints as vibration isolators
  • Expansion joints as safe & compact assemblies for shipbuilding
  • Expansion joints for air heater ducts
  • Expansion joints for oil fired gas turbines
  • Expansion Joints for copper smelting blast burners
  • Expansion joints for heat recovery systems

48" NB PEBIFLEX Expansion joints for a Power Project

1200 N.B. expansion joints for power plant

Lateral Expansion Joints in various sizes

Lateral expansion joints in different sizes

  • Expansion Joints for Fluidized bed boilers
  • Expansion Joints for Preheater ducting in cement plants
  • Expansion Joints for Electrostatic precipitators ducting
  • Expansion Joints for I.D. / F.D. Fan inlet/outlet ducting
  • Expansion Joints for Distinct heating systems


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